Weddings in Costa del Sol

If you are getting married on the Costa del Sol, you are celebrating it in one of the most spectacular places in the Mediterranean. Celebrating a wedding on the Costa del Sol is ideal as it is one of the most beautiful and best preserved coastlines in the Mediterranean. This stretch of coastline is known for its endless desert backdrop that ends in turquoise beaches, especially in its best-known national park, Cabo de Gata.

Already a sacred place, the Costa del Sol is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding, as if the sky, the sea and the beaches came together to create a majestic ceremony backdrop. Creating flower decorations for weddings in the deserts or the beaches of the Costa del Sol is simply adding to the natural beauty that surrounds us, as if it were a cathedral of heavenly proportions.

Costa del Sol, a place for intimate beach weddings.

These small-sized ceremonies are taking place with increasing frequency. When we talk about intimate weddings, we mean weddings between 2 and 50 guests, also known as elopement weddings. They are weddings in which the couple seeks quality moments with those closest to them, those with whom they choose to share the most important moment of their lives. They are ceremonies for those who prioritize spending more time with select family members and close friends over larger and often shorter celebrations with more guests. It may be due to the personality of the couple. It may be because you want to celebrate a symbolic ceremony among select guests after having already celebrated a religious or civil union. For whatever reason, it’s our pleasure to help create that feeling in floral design. Designing floral arches for intimate ceremonies where everyone is excited to hear the vows up close. Creating clandestine dinner parties with landscapes of chandelier-lit tables, overflowing with flowers, food and fine wine.

These elopement weddings typically last for more than one day, making the most of time shared with guests who may have traveled far to get there. A wedding on the Costa del Sol is the perfect setting to create that feeling of having escaped from everything and arrived at a paradisiacal beach at the end of the world. That feeling in which there is nothing else in this world than the infinite sky, the deep turquoise sea, your people, their people, and your shared love that unites everything.

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