Types and colors of roses

Types and colors of roses

Roses are the best-known flowers worldwide, they are never lacking in gardens and are usually the main option when giving a bouquet to a special person. Various meanings have even been given to roses, in many cases their symbology is related to color. In any case, roses are highly valued for their beautiful appearance, they are even considered flowers of great elegance. At the same time, roses are very striking, taking into account the different types that exist, it is a quite interesting classification. We show it to you below:

Types and colors of roses

wild roses

Wild roses are those that grow on their own in nature, they need very little care (visit our article « Caring for roses » to learn more about it). Furthermore, they are divided into several types or species, in fact all roses are derived from them. Among the most notable varieties we find:
  • Banksiae: it is a climbing rose that can reach up to 6 meters in length. The flowers appear in bouquets with small roses and do not have thorns. Its strong branches stand out, although they need adequate support for their growth to be correct.
  • Damascena: it is also called the Alexandria rose bush, it is capable of reaching up to 2 meters in height and the flowers grow in pairs. It is used to obtain essential oil.

Old roses

Ancient roses are those that existed before 1867. From this year onwards, modern rose bushes began with the appearance of the first hybrid tea specimen, being the most popular rose at present. Although old roses have not completely lost their validity, in recent years they have begun to be used, thanks to the fact that they provide greater resistance and do not require as much care. In this sense, it is advisable to know the most common old roses, these are the Bourbon rose, Alba, Gallica, China, Perpetual Hybrid, Sempervirens and Portland.

Modern Roses

Modern roses are the most common today, there are a large number of varieties around the world, which are summarized in the hybrid tea rose. These are shrub roses, grandiflora, polyantha, floribunda, sarmentosos, climbers, miniature and tapestry.

tall rose bush

This is a hybrid graft, a cross between other types of modern roses. That is, the hybrid tea rose, miniature rose and floribunda rose are generally grafted onto a wild rose base trunk.

weeping rose bush

It is a rose bush that is obtained from a graft, using the wild rose bush as the base trunk and the graft is made with the wide variety of flowers, this time in bundles and later they grow forming a cascade. As for the colors of roses, they range from red and yellow to approaching violet tones, this is in terms of nature. However, nowadays it is possible to find roses of all colors since they are dyed with special products, to meet the preferences in each case. If you want to give a gift, don’t forget to find out first about the meaning of roses according to their color. Be that as it may, what is clear is that roses are one of the most beautiful and special flowers, perfect for decorating and giving as gifts, thanks to the great variety they offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice if you want to make any floral decoration based on roses.