Tulips and their care

Tulips and their care

As we know, tulips are the most representative plants of Holland. However, it was not until the 16th century that they were introduced to this country; their true origin can be found on the Asian continent.

They are mainly outdoor plants, although among the more than 150 species of tulips that exist we can also find indoor varieties.

Their flowering occurs in mid-late spring, so they should be planted in autumn. If we plant them correctly and offer them adequate care, in spring we can delight with their flowers for approximately three weeks, then they will wither and we will have to cut them.

Below, we indicate some basic rules for its care.

Tulip care

Tulips are bulbs and, as we have noted previously, they should be planted in autumn. In order for them to grow strong and offer us spectacular flowering in spring, it is best to plant them about 10 cm deep and at a minimum distance of 15 cm between them.

It is important to keep in mind that tulips consume many nutrients to grow, so it is not recommended to plant them two years in a row in the same land. They need fertile and very well-drained land (very important so that the bulbs do not rot). In addition, we must place them in a sunny place, preventing them from being too much in the shade. They tolerate the cold well, but the optimal temperature for them is between 13-16ºC.

Once planted, we must ensure that the substrate is moist, without flooding it, during the driest seasons and fertilize them once every 30 days.

If we have done it correctly, from mid-March to the end of May, we will be able to see its flowering.

Once they stop flowering, to preserve them, what we will have to do is cut the main stem on which the flower was and, when the leaves begin to wither, we will remove the bulbs. We will cut the stem and keep the bulb for one year, in a metal container covered with rather dry silica sand.

Meaning of tulips

On other occasions we have already talked about floriography (or language of flowers) and we have indicated the meanings of some of the most popular flowers.

Since today we are talking about tulips, we could not help but point out some of the meanings of the varieties of tulips that arouse the most curiosity.

meaning of tulips

Meaning of yellow tulips

Yellow tulips are a symbol of joy and brightness. They represent sunlight, creative ideas and intelligence. They are a good gift for both the couple and family or friends, to celebrate a special occasion that brings joy and happiness (a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child,…).

They are also a good choice if we want to encourage someone who is going through a difficult time or to tell someone that we are there to care for them and support them.

Meaning of red tulips

Red tulips are a statement of intentions. They are perfect for expressing love and passion, making them the ideal gift for a couple or to declare love for someone.

Meaning of pink tulips

Pink tulips reflect maternal love, sweetness, softness, feelings of tenderness and closeness. They are ideal when you want to convey the importance of a family or friendly bond. Perfect, for example, as a gift on Mother’s Day.

Meaning of white tulips

White tulips are a symbol of neutrality, peace, harmony, purity, innocence…they are perfect for expressing balance, spirituality or sincerity. Very suitable for giving to girlfriends, as a symbol of purity, or also to ask for forgiveness.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about tulips, whether about how to grow them or how to choose well, according to their meaning, for a decoration or gift.