Trends in wedding floral decoration 2022

Trends in wedding floral decoration 2022

We start the year and, as it could not be otherwise, we have trend articles What is going to happen in 2022 in terms of wedding floral decoration? To talk about it we must refer to the evolution of wedding celebrations, since the floral decoration must be completely in accordance with what is felt throughout the event.

Goodbye to strict protocols

According to expert studies, weddings will continue to be large but less formal parties. The guests take on more prominence and the host couple seeks to make them feel comfortable and at home at all times.

Personalization and creativity

Luxury and etiquette give way to total customization of the event and originality. The couple allows themselves to incorporate their personal stamp into the celebration, incorporating elements that are meaningful to them. We are not looking for perfectionism but for the emotionality of the moment. For this reason, DiY elements are accepted, dishes that suggest that trip on which the couple met, … any detail that is truly special and unique for the couple and that they want to share with their guests.

Midweek weddings

Another notable point of what is coming in 2022 are the weekday wedding celebrations, an ideal option for those couples who want a more petit committee wedding.

Weekend weddings

Another trend is multi-day weddings in the form of a weekend getaway to a nearby location. A great opportunity to extend the event and enjoy a pre-wedding and post-wedding with an intimate circle of guests.

Technology to power

Technology reaches everywhere, and at weddings it couldn’t be different. This year there will be an increase in the use of technology in wedding events: invitations with QR codes, wedding website, streaming,…

Bold, outdoor decor

The trend is to continue with daytime and outdoor weddings. Celebrations designed to enjoy the nature of the countryside, the forest or the gardens… That is why decorations with a cottagecore aesthetic will gain strength, with rather rustic floral arrangements .

Preserved, dried or seasonal flowers

Couples are increasingly aware of caring for the planet, so in 2022 they will bring centerpieces, bridal bouquets and floral arrangements with dried flowers, preserved flowers or seasonal flowers

If you are getting married this year and need expert advice on the floral decoration for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us.