Tips to decorate the table with flowers

Tips to decorate the table with flowers

We are at the threshold of the month of December, which undoubtedly contains the largest number of family meals (and friends) of the entire year. And, in the same way that we prepare to receive guests, it is important to take care of the details of the table on which everything we have prepared for the occasion will be served.

As it could not be otherwise, one of the main elements to bring distinction and elegance to a table are flowers or, rather, floral centers.

What to take into account to choose the best flower centerpiece for your table?

  • Without a doubt, a basic premise is to always put natural or dried flowers , chosen specifically for the occasion and in accordance with the rest of the elements of the table (whether functional or decorative).
  • Just as on other occasions we have valued the fragrance of flowers, in this case it is best to choose flowers with little aroma , so as not to interfere with the smells of dishes or drinks. It is always said that we eat by sight, but we can never forget the sense of smell, as it is also one of the most powerful when we talk about gastronomy.
  • Choose flowers that can withstand the ambient temperature of the place where the evening will be held. If the space is rather hot and/or receives a lot of direct sun, we must choose a type of flowers that get along well with these conditions, otherwise when we arrive at dinner or lunch we will have them wilted.
  • As for the size, we must always ensure that it does not hinder the service of the dishes or the field of vision of the diners. Otherwise, the floral centerpiece will only serve for the reception of guests and we will have to remove it during the celebration.
  • As for shape and size, it is recommended to adapt it to the shape of the table and opt for a size proportional to it . That is, if the table is round, the flower centerpiece must be round. In the case of square or rectangular tables, we will put more or fewer centers depending on the length of the table.

Flower centers for formal events

flower centerpiece table

Obviously, choosing the floral decoration of a table for a formal dinner is not the same as choosing a table for a dinner with friends.

When we talk about more formal events we will tend to work with imperial tables. For this type of table, the most appropriate thing would be to use several flower centers distributed along the table. If we want we can play with the sizes, to provide a little more dynamism to the decoration. Even so, as we have already pointed out before, we must take heights into account, so as not to hinder the passage of dishes or visibility between diners.

As for colors, it will depend a lot on the rest of the decoration. We can use burgundy, reddish, blue or purple combined with candles, which always help us achieve greater elegance.

Flower arrangements for informal events

In the case of informal events at home with friends, we can allow ourselves to be more daring and play with sizes, shapes and structures.

If what we are going to do is a traditional celebration we can put a centerpiece on the table that combines seasonal flowers with other elements such as berries, green branches or leaves.

But perhaps we think about a more cocktail-type event, with the guests standing. In this case, we could opt for an ikebana- type decoration .

Be that as it may, beyond the gastronomic part, the decoration of the table also adds to our celebrations. If you want us to advise you and help you with the floral centers for your celebrations, just contact us.