The meaning of roses

The meaning of roses

The rose is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful flowers and one of the most popular in many situations. What are the meanings of roses? When can they be a good option to complement your bouquet or flower arrangement? In today’s article, and we are going to give you ideas for your perfect bouquet of roses.

The red rose: a symbol of love

The red rose is the first that comes to mind when we think of this flower. It is one of the best-known symbols of love and passion, present in literature, in songs and movies, and also in our lives on days marked as Valentine’s Day. Giving a red rose is a classic that will never go out of style. We can also resignify it: there are already many people who give a red rose as a symbol of friendship, affection or memory. What meaning do you give it?

And what does a bouquet of red roses mean for a wedding? A bouquet of red roses is a perfect choice for brides who want to bet on a touch of intense color in their look and take risks while maintaining traditional elements. If we want to keep the red rose in a more pastel or country style, we can also incorporate it as a complement to other flowers and elements such as leaves or spikes to hide its intensity a bit.

The white rose: innocence and purity

After the red rose, the white rose is the style of this most popular flower. Unlike the red rose, the snowy one leaves aside passion and exalts innocence and purity. It is a very popular option for bridal bouquets, since it is a timeless and beautiful classic, which also has a deeper meaning: perpetuity and the common future that newlyweds will enjoy. The white rose easily combines with other types of flowers and foliage to achieve very different results but maintaining a common and classic element.

Meanings of colored roses

In addition to the red rose and the white rose, which are the most prominent in our lives, there are roses of many other colors. Do you want to know what the colors of roses mean?

  • The Pink Rose: Being a moderate version of the red rose, it is given a meaning of friendship and appreciation. It is also a symbol of friendliness, openness, and kindness. The more intense the pink color of the flower, the more intense the feeling; while pastel and powdered roses are the purest symbol of sweetness.
  • The yellow rose: symbol of friendship and joy, is a perfect rose to decorate centerpieces on birthdays and various parties. They have also been given more hidden meanings; There are those who say that yellow is the color of double intentions … so perhaps it is not the most suitable to give to someone close.
  • The blue rose: this rose has been gaining prominence in recent years in the world of bridal floristry. There are many brides who choose it to complement their bouquets and bridal bouquets for its great beauty and for its calming and peace-creating meaning, along with other blue or violet flowers such as lavender. Perfect to start your marriage on the right foot.

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