Bridal bouquets ideas for 2020

Bridal bouquets ideas for 2020

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important accesories for a bride, and finding one that represents us can be a challange. In Savia Bruta we work with all the shapes, colors and textures that the plant kingdom has to offer for your personalized bridal bouquet, so that it goes perfectly with your type and style of wedding.

Bridal Bouquet Styles

Each bride and each wedding are unique. There are many different styles of bridal bouquets that can be adapted to each one of them, from more traditional bouquets to bouquets with wild flowers for the more bohemian brides. The bridal bouqet is another accesory that should be chosen with loving care, and that is just as, if not more important than jewelry, shoes, hair, or makeup.

We will analize the main bridal bouquet styles so that you can choose the one that goes the best with your style. Whichever one you may choose, in Savia Bruta it can always personalized  to your liking.

Traditional Bridal Bouquet

They are the most traditional bouquets. They generally have a 20-25cm diameter, which makes them comfotable and easy to carry for the majority of the brides. They can be rounded without being uniforme, and most types of flower can be used to make them (although we recommend that they not be very large). This type of bouquet are perfect to accompany wedding dresses with princess cuts or that have an upper part with a more simple style and a more elaborate skirt.

Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

Bohemmian, informal or vintage brides are all asking for bridal bouquets with wildflowers. They tend to use smaller sized flowers combined with wildgrasses and greens, giving the bouquet a more natural feel. A perfect choice for brides with country wedding.

Dome Bridal Bouquet

A reinterpretation of the classic rounded bouquet. It generally it a bit larger than the classic and the stems are generally tied with a ribbon from the same cloth used for the wedding dress or that has some sentimental value for her. These go very well with mermaid cut dresses, that contrast with the simple dome shape of the bouquet (also known as cluth, posy or bonche).

Asymmetric Bridal Bouquet

If the classic and the dome bouquets are the more traditional sytles, the asymmetric bouquets are more groundbreaking and different. They break from the tradicional rounded structure with different sized flowers placed in strategic ways, with differnt length stems, combined to perfection with low volumn or draped wedding dresses for a dreamy and boho look.

Teardrop Bridal Bouquet

This style of bouquet is fashionable at the moment, especially for taller brides since they elongate the form and create an especially pretty effect. This type of bouquet tend to be a bit larger since the flowers are not concentrated in one area but are placed downwards in a waterfall style. Perfect for a unique touch for a classic dress with volume in the skirt and train.

Which Type of Bridal Bouquet Should you Choose?

Some pieces of advise when choosing a bridal bouquet:

  • The more your eleborate your dress, the simplier your dress should be. It is a way to balance the designs and create harmony.
  • The shorter framed brides should choose smaller bridal bouquets, while the taller brides can choose the larger bouquets.
  • The colores, flowers, and shapes chosen should complement the wedding dress, not upstage it.

But, of course the most important aspect is that the bride feels comfortable with her selection and that the bouquet matches her taste. In Savia Bruta we personally design bridal bouquets for brides to achieve a perfect result.