Original flower bouquets

Original flower bouquets

What do you think of when you think of a bouquet of flowers? Surely the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful bridal bouquets, since it is the environment where we most often see bouquets and flower arrangements. But there are many other occasions where a bouquet of flowers can become a really special and original item. We want to show you some ideas of original bouquets, perfect to give away on special occasions such as birthdays, to decorate at your parties and much more.

A bouquet of flowers, an original gift

Giving a bouquet of flowers is always a good idea. It is a perfect gift both for people with whom we do not have as much confidence (and therefore we do not know their tastes to make a very personal gift), as for those closest to us. If we know your favorite flowers or those that have the most meaning for him or her, it can become something very special.

The most original bouquets are those that capture the essence of what we want to convey. The most groundbreaking trends combine the most classic flowers with other organic elements such as grasses and leaves, dried flowers or bold combinations of different sizes, textures and colors, and of course with different vessels, vases, ribbons and wraps. Below we reveal the best-kept secrets of Savia Bruta when it comes to designing really original and special bouquets.

Original Bridal Bouquets

Without a doubt, bridal bouquets are where all these new trends can afford to shine. The less traditional and more groundbreaking brides get married with bouquets of flowers full of different colors and textures that move away from traditional bouquets in powdered tones. The color palettes are usually more intense, playing with yellows, violets or blues combined with foliage, leaves and dried flowers or grasses and dandelions. Some of the most original flowers they can include are tulips, daisies, birds of paradise, orchids … all of them providing the color and that will become a central element of the bride’s look.

Garden bouquets

If there is a type of bouquet that stands out for it´s originality, they are undoubtedly those that bet on the most wild motifs. These kinds of bouquets have been gaining prominence with the rise of boho and country weddings, as a way of paying tribute to nature without imposing the corset shapes of weddings of yesteryear. Wild bouquets stand out for their asymmetry, for the combination of different types of flowers and organic elements, and for their natural color palette.

Bouquets for special occasions

But not only bridal bouquets can be original. In Savia Bruta we make flower arrangements for any type of occasion: as a gift, as centerpieces or in beautiful original vessels and vases. We complete the design with ribbons that complement them, in ceramic vases created with care and affection, or closed with wicker boxes or baskets; these are some of the techniques that we like to use to give a different touch to our different flower arrangements.

The most original bouquet is the one we create specifically for you. Contact us and let us create a perfect floral world for your universe.