Heat resistant flowers

Heat resistant flowers

We are approaching the hottest time of the year and our plants notice it, so we must pay special attention to them and, above all, think about how we are going to proceed with them in case we go on a trip.

As you know, there are plants that are more delicate than others. Some are perfect for withstanding extreme temperatures and others will make us suffer a lot from minimal temperature changes. Therefore, so that your plants do not suffer too much this summer, in this article we are going to indicate some of the most heat-resistant plants. Take note!


A great choice since, in addition to adding color to your balcony or terrace, it will make it very easy for you. It is one of the plants most resistant to harsh weather conditions, except if we are talking about exceptional frosts or heat waves of course. With a little consistency in watering, you will have plants for the entire season.

heat resistant geraniums


A highly recommended plant for summer since it does not need a lot of water, so it withstands low rain seasons well. Even so, if the heat is strong, it will surely need to be watered every day.

sun-resistant verbena


Beautiful and very grateful. Good choice for both winter and summer, since they are quite resistant and withstand direct sun very well. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, so you are sure to find the one that best fits with the rest of the decoration on your terrace or balcony.

sun resistant plants


Elegant, sober, delicate…the truth is that the romanticism of roses cannot be replaced with anything. We are lucky that it is a plant that is very resistant to the sun and heat, so if you have space, don’t hesitate and opt for a rose bush this summer.

heat resistant plants


Typical of Holland, tulips, in addition to being colorful and cheerful, are also resistant to our summer weather conditions. As a not so positive point, we will tell you that they bloom once a year and that the flowers only last 15 days. But wow, you know… the good thing is if it’s brief…

plants for summer


A plant that, in addition to visually delighting you with its violet and bluish colors, will provide a unique aroma to your terrace. Although it may seem contradictory, lavender, in addition to withstanding frost well, is also very resistant to heat, making it a good option for this summer. It tolerates drought well and will surely respond well to this hot season that awaits us. Water it a couple of times a week and that’s it.

flowers for summer


It is impossible to forget them on our list since it is probably the most heat-resistant plant par excellence.

heat resistant cacti


A beautiful plant with a wide variety of colors to choose from, perfect for summer since it withstands the sun and heat very well. It needs good watering, that’s what it is, but it is quite resistant so it will surely not disappoint you this season.

plants that resist heat


A showy plant that will give your terrace a special, romantic and cozy air. It needs regular watering, but it won’t require much more care.

flowers that resist the sun


And finally, we couldn’t finish our list without mentioning daisies. Beautiful plants that are super resistant to the sun. Water them with some frequency, yes, but they will not require more effort from you. In return, its white flowers will fill your balcony with light all season long.

flowers that resist the sun

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