Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for many, the weather improves, we have more hours of light and nature begins to show its most beautiful side.

Officially, in 2022, spring will begin on Sunday, March 20 and will last until June 21, when the summer season will begin.

What are the most typical spring flowers?

Since plants and flowers are our thing, we cannot miss the opportunity to tell you about the species that in spring show all their splendor and fill our lives with striking colors and fantastic fragrances.

Although greenhouses allow us to have almost all the flowers at any time of the year, you already know that at Savia Bruta we are very into seasonal flowers ,so we leave you a list of the most typical spring flowers that you can count on for your home or for the floral decoration of your wedding or any other event/celebration.

flores de primavera


A romantic flower in light tones, ideal for vintage-style bridal bouquets or wedding floral decoration . Ranuculus can have white, pink, red, yellow, orange or purple flowers, offering us endless possibilities.


Pansies are spectacular flowers that extend their flowering from the first days of autumn until well into spring. Its velvety petals of multiple colors are ideal for giving life to any garden, terrace or balcony.


The lily is a plant that offers an exquisite fragrance. It blooms from early spring to late summer and likes the sun, so you should place it in sunny or semi-sunny areas so that it is comfortable and shows its best version.


Hyacinths bloom when winter ends and their flowers have an unparalleled decorative power in any room of the house. . Blue, lilac, white, pink or even yellow, flowers that will look good with any style of decoration. Place them in a bright but not too hot area.


Spring is the time of greatest splendor for poppies, especially April and May, months in which flowering usually occurs and we begin to be able to delight in the landscapes of green fields tinged with poppy red.


The petunia is another plant that offers us its beautiful flowers in spring. It offers us color and, depending on the variety, a very pleasant fragrance. The most common color tones are pink and red, but there are also blue, violet or two-tone colors. If you want to fill your garden with petunias you should try to place them in a very bright and sunny place.


A beautiful and colorful flower that we can enjoy starting in May. We can find them in very different tones: violets, blues, reds, whites, pinks… which gives us many possibilities to include them in the decoration of the house. It needs abundant watering and direct sun, so we will have to find a very sunny location.


How could it be otherwise, it is impossible to make a list of spring flowers and not mention our beloved geraniums. his flower has bloomed since April and fills many gardens and balconies with color. It needs a lot of sun and plenty of water, so you know what to do to have them splendor this spring-summer.


And to finish our list, we want to talk to you about primrose. A totally spring flower that offers us flowers of bright and cheerful colors: red, blue, violet, white,…an ideal choice if you are looking for visual impact with color.

If you have an upcoming event and want a floral decoration based on seasonal flowers, contact us and we will advise you on the matter.