The first floral design school in Madrid

The first floral design school in Madrid

Although surely many people have not heard of it, being a master florist takes a lot of work, creativity and sensitivity. That is why Savia Bruta created the first degree in floral design located in Madrid, with the aim of training future master florists. Technique, design and crafts are some of the main points on which these studies focus, in addition to, of course, the practice of different arrangements to become a master. You want to know more?

Savia Bruta creates the first degree in floral design in Madrid

Any branch of design needs studies and in the case of floral design is not an exception. Within this discipline we study basic concepts such as color theory, proportionality, balances and visual balance … that is why From Savia Bruta we place so much emphasis on regulated studies. Without these notions it would be impossible to become a master florist.

Just as we have assumed that an architect or a painter must pass through the faculty and must understand the tendencies and master the techniques, we are increasingly aware that we need the same in floral design.

The professions of master craftsmen, which have traditionally been taught from generation to generation, have evolved and made the leap to universities. We must begin to assume that floral art is an art, like painting or sculpture, and that therefore it needs a period of learning with professional teachers who belong to the sector, a period that cannot be replaced by the way that, until now, it has been taught. We know from experience that in Spain this has not given good results and that traditional florists have lacked what in other countries such as Germany, which has a formal and university education, they do have: style.

If our intention is to ascend, to go from mere salesmen to floral artists, we must be aware that technique is important, and that two processes are necessary to master technique: that of theory and that of practice.

We can only start practicing when we know where we want to go and master the theory. For the first process, that of the design of the floral object: a bridal bouquet, a centerpiece, a crown … we must control the basic notions of design, we must be aware of what materials we are using and in what quantities so that the work does not visually fall apart later in the development process.

We start with the advantage of working with beautiful materials in themselves, a flower or a plant centerpiece can be suggestive, but it is in our hands to go one step further and make floral art thanks to the tools of design.

Other floral design schools in the world

Flower School New York. Founded in 2003 by Eileen Johnson and directed by its owner, Calvert Crary, Flower School New York is the most prestigious center for floral art in New York City. Its founder Eileen Johnson has worked for publications such as Cosmopolitan and Gourmet, and has several books from which to learn the technique: “The Art of Floral Arranging: Learning from the Master Florists at Flower School New York,” “Entertaining in the French Style” and “Tropical Flowers”.

Akademie für Naturgestaltung. Every January a new course begins at the school. It attracts students from all German-speaking countries, who travel to start their training and become master florists.

Cohim Flower School Beijing. It is the most influential floral design school in China and offers courses for all levels, from beginner to master florist. Its courses are not only to work on techniques, but also to emphasize and work on artistic perception.

Degree in Floral Design Savia Bruta

Savia Bruta has created the first career in floral design in Madrid, its teachers have won numerous international awards and are currently active florists. Head over to its flower shop in the center of Madrid and discover the different options you have to train as a florist, from basic levels to a professional florist.