In Savia Bruta we believe that each wedding is a unique event in which we focus all our creativity. Each floral design we create is organic, inspired by the infinite variety we find in plants, and trees, and their leaves, flowers, fruits, vines and branches. We like to think that our style seems to have been created effortlessly, harmoniously, designs based on the plant kingdom itself.

Every wedding involves a search. Not only in the creative development of the design of the tables, the ceremony, the methodical selection of seasonal flowers from local and international suppliers, the countryside and our own garden, but also the search for that all encompassing emotion that the floral designer brings to every event.

A flower arrangement is the sum of its components – we focus our work on its textures, its lines and shapes, we focus on balance, both optical and real. We carefully choose its color palette so that each element plays an important role in the design. Even in riskier designs, elegance and sophistication always prevail. In wedding floral decoration we seek to recreate the poetry that is felt within a garden, within a forest, within natural environments that make you feel like new life is delicately emerging.

Bridal Bouquets

The work par excellence and for which we are known, our bridal bouquets. We define ourselves by our good taste and professionalism. We adapt to you whatever your style, always with our signature and personal finish. Your unique bouquet, your Savia Bruta bouquet.

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