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Floral decoration for weddings and events

Savia Bruta is a floral design studio specialized in Spanish weddings, national and international destination weddings and floral design education. In 2017 we opened the first floral design school in Madrid. We create organic, innovative and ecological floral designs, working without floral foam. We are continually inspired by the infinite variety of the plant kingdom and the artistic conversation that surrounds us. Our floral designs are defined by materials that seek harmony, that take risks, always with elegance and sophistication. We like our style to remain undefined, adapting and reinventing ourselves according to the elements, like a vine in search of light. Like the raw sap that rises and nourishes what is about to sprout.

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”

― Iris Murdoch

Alex Molina:

Director of the School of Floral Design, Alex is our most experienced teacher.He has been teaching for 5 years, first in a school in Barcelona and later in Savia Bruta. He was also the creator of the professional florist program that we teach at the school today with our most comprehensive course called Floral Design Career.

Lindsey Myhren:

Director of weddings and events at Savia Bruta. Originally from Southern California, she came to floral design from the world of letters over ten years ago. She loves to develop a wedding from the initial creative proposal to the delivery of the bridal bouquet on the wedding day. She feels most at ease when she loses track of time working in the garden or designing a floral composition, where she continues to find poetry.

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