Online courses - Module 3 Advanced - Chapter 25:Hanging Installation without Floral Sponge

Learn the technique for a Hanging Installation without Floral Sponge.

It is important to take responsibility of the impact of floral sponge on the environment and make efforts to limit its use. One of the alternatives is to use greens and flowers that can last many days without water.


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What does this course include?

  • Theoretical explanation
  • Technical preparation
  • Step by step instruction of a hanging installation

What exercises are done?

Understand and be able to create a floral arrangement without the use of floral sponge. With this technique we will be able to create any arrangement in any shape we can dream up. It is our responsibility towards our environment to curb the use of floral sponge in our day to day work in the floristry.

  • Chicken wire
  • Several species of flowers and greens
  • Basic florist tool set

Requirements and Materials:

No experience nor past knowledge is necessary to complete this course, only the desire to learn and to let yourself be loved by flowers. We always recommend that the videos be watched in order, being that the level of difficulty increases chronologically and otherwise some concepts may be skipped. Yet if you already have some experience with flowers, then you probably won´t have any trouble.

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