Online courses - Module 3 Advanced - Chapter 24: Hanging Installation with Floral Sponge

Learn the technique for a Hanging Installation with Floral Sponge.

In this exercise we will learn how to work with flowers in a very much unconventional way, different from what we generally see when we work the flower from the ground up. Here we will start to build the house from the roof downwards. A hanging installment can be a great ally to table decoration, as you can create decorations as large as you need without taking away valuable table space.


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What does this course include?

  • Hanging installation theory
  • Technical preparation
  • Step by step instruction for a hanging installation

What exercises are done?

Understand the dynamics of and the technical preparation for this type of floral composition. Everything should be held together correctly in the installation so that nothing comes apart and falls to the table or whatever may be beneath. We will be using our exclusive outline for asymmetric composition that will give a unique touch to the installation.

Requisitos y materiales:

No es necesario tener experiencia ni conocimientos previos para realizar este curso, solo ganas de aprender y dejarte querer por las flores. Siempre recomendamos que vayas haciendo los cursos en orden, dado que están diseñados en nivel de dificultad y puede que se te escape algún concepto, pero si tienes experiencia con las flores seguro que eres capaz de sacarlo adelante.

  • Floral sponge
  • Chicken wire
  • Basic florist tool set
  • Several species of flowers and greens
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