Decoration of ceremonies

While in the islands the majority of weddings are celebrated in the Summer, here in the interior of the peninsula he most active months are during the Fall and end of Spring. Nowadays the seasons for flowers aren ́t so ridged yet it is still always better to use seasonal flowers as this is when the flowers are stronger and better quality. Also it is more ecological not having to water as much nor use greenhouses.

A Winter ceremony here in the interior of the península will generally always be held inside, while summer weddings that are known for being outside are characterized by their relaxed mood. When choosing a floral design, we always must take into account what are the best options, knowing that certain flowers suffer from elevated heat. On the other hand, cold is the great enemy of tropical flowers. It is always important to take the season on the year into account when designing a wedding ceremony and create a floral decoration according to the climate so that the floral decoration of your event turns out perfectly.

If you ́re choosing between a Winter wedding or a Summer wedding, there isn ́t really a good or bad option, but rather a question of taste and knowledge of how to adapt the decoration to the space. Each wedding ́s style should be unique.

Working with color in the floral pieces continues being important for us this year. We are conscious that color is a very important tool that we have as designers and particularly as floral designers. This is a wonderful tool to help create a unifying thread in the wedding floral decoration. This along with the natural and organic shape of the floral arrangements, which we use throughout the floral decoration of the entire event design.

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