Be a floral designer

Be a floral designer

Floral design is an art that is learned and that, with desire and perseverance, can become your profession.

What does a floral designer do?

A floral designer is a professional who builds floral arrangements using their knowledge of natural materials. To do this, he combines fresh and dried flowers, with plants and other elements of different colors and textures in order to create a decorative element suitable for each situation.

To make these floral compositions it is not only necessary to have a certain aesthetic sense, it goes much further. Theoretical knowledge is needed about the lifespan of cut flowers, their care, their properties, seasonal flowers… For example, it is very important to know which flowers are more delicate and how to care for them, how to receive and accommodate the flowers that have just been delivered. arrive, how to store and care for them to keep them fresh for longer.

What does it take to be a floral designer?

To acquire the necessary knowledge to become a floral designer you need to train, which is why at Savia Bruta we offer complete training in floral design so that you learn everything you need to dedicate yourself to this art professionally.

A training of 120 face-to-face hours , with the best professionals in the sector , in which you work:

1. Fundamentals of floral design

2. Floral decoration for events I

3. Bridal bouquets and floral accessories

4. Floral decoration for events II and Projects

Floral design career

In addition to theoretical knowledge and practical experience, it is very important that the floral designer has relational skills and knows how to work as a team , since in many cases they will have to work alongside event organizers and interior designers. He must be able to understand the needs expressed by the client to be able to choose the most appropriate flowers and decorative elements in each case, or provide the necessary advice in case the client is not clear about what he wants.

Other important aspects are:

– Business management

In addition to having the knowledge of the profession, you must be organized to control orders, collections, payments, stock… in short, everything that comes with managing a business with the addition of working with natural elements that need certain conditions to be in good condition.

– Choice of suppliers

This is an aspect that we could have included in the previous point, but we prefer to put it aside so as not to downplay its importance. In this profession, choosing the right suppliers, both for flowers and tools, is of vital importance. The floral designer should investigate what options he or she has in his or her work area to choose suppliers that provide the highest quality at a competitive price.

– Stay up to date with news and trends in the sector

Essential to be able to offer customers variety and quality. Some will ask you for the classic, the traditional, but there will be those who seek to surprise and be more innovative and original. As a professional you must be able to satisfy both needs with the maximum guarantees.

– Know how to prepare budgets

Sometimes complicated, but totally necessary for the proper functioning of the business. Raw materials, general expenses, work hours… it is essential to know how to quantify these items to make tight but profitable budgets.

Remember that you are not born taught, so if you are interested in this profession, train with the best. Through their knowledge and experience you will learn everything you need to make your business a success.