Aromatic flowers, the authentic natural fragrance

Aromatic flowers, the authentic natural fragrance

Beyond their visual appeal, one of the most appreciated characteristics of flowers is, without a doubt, their aroma. While it is true that there are flowers that are more aromatic than others, to a greater or lesser degree, they all have their own fragrance.

If you are one of those who have a good sense of smell, you will like to know our list of aromatic flowers. Whether you want to give a bouquet or add a new fragrance to your home, terrace or garden, be sure to look at our selection.

Best aromatic flowers


hat beautiful flower, blue-lilac in color, that intoxicates us so much with its fragrance. It has such a distinctive smell that it is difficult not to recognize it. It fits in any room in the house, but it is especially suitable for perfuming the bedroom, since it is an aroma with calming and relaxing properties .


The gardenia is a shrub that in summer offers us beautiful white aromatic flowers , considered one of the most fragrant in the world and, therefore, one of the most used in the production of perfumes. It gives off an intense but sweet smell, ideal to fit into all types of decorations.


Continuing with the white aromatic flowers we come to jasmine, a tropical plant also widely used in the perfume and cosmetics industry. A flower, with a sweet and unmistakable smell, that becomes the perfect option to decorate any space in the house. An intense fragrance with personality that will provide that extra something you are looking for in the decoration of your home or garden.

chocolate flower

If you like the smell of vanilla, this is your flower. The chocolate flower, native to Mexico, offers us a sweet vanilla aroma that leaves no one indifferent.


An aromatic flower that could not be missing from our list is, without a doubt, the rose. A whole classic. A unique flower that offers us multiple fragrances through its more than 30,000 varieties. It is impossible to hold it in your hand and not approach it to appreciate its intoxicating aroma.

If you choose this option, be sure to read our post « Caring for roses », to discover how to offer them the best care.


Freesia is a very popular aromatic flower among flower lovers. It gives off a light but deep aroma, a unique fragrance that totally evokes spring freshness.


A flower with an intense aroma if there is one, although it is true that there are many varieties and not all of them offer us a fragrance of equal intensity. It is a flower mainly of late spring and early summer, although it is sometimes possible to find them in April.


A white aromatic flower, elegant and sophisticated, that gives off a powerful fragrance that gives character to any type of decoration, especially if we are talking about a minimalist style house.

Aromatic indoor flowers

As you well know, each flower has its needs, so if what you want is to add a natural perfume to any room in your house, you should choose a flower that adapts well to the indoor conditions. It is not an easy task but there are several options, some will need more care than others but surely with a little effort and love you will achieve good results.

Some of our favorite fragrant indoor flowers are:

  • Gardenias. They are a little complicated to grow indoors but when you achieve it the result is beautiful and they give you a spectacular aroma in the room.
  • Wax flower. Visually beautiful, with a sweet fragrance and much less demanding than gardenias in terms of care.
  • Lillum auratum. A good option for both indoors and outdoors. They give off an exquisite perfume and are not too demanding in terms of care or lighting.
  • Orchids. How could we forget about our beloved orchids when we talk about aromatic indoor flowers. There are some varieties, relatively easy to care for, that give off an incredible chocolate or vanilla aroma.

Aromatic outdoor flowers

If what you are looking for is to create a garden that is a delight for the senses, we leave you with some of our quintessential aromatic outdoor flowers :

  • Gardenias. As you can see, we are big fans of gardenias as an aromatic flower and we recommend them for both indoors and outdoors For us, without a doubt, it is a must .
  • Clematis . A climbing plant that will offer you very beautiful and aromatic small white flowers.
  • Lillum auratum. A beautiful flower, native to Japan, that gives off an intense perfume that will surely intoxicate your entire garden.
  • Rosas. As it could not be otherwise, roses are essential in any garden. You have thousands of varieties to choose from, so you can choose from endless aromas.

And if with all this you don’t have enough to choose from, contact us if you want advice on aromatic plants.